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Lizard Pest Control

Lizard Pest Control

Lizards, commonly found in all households do not pose direct harm to human beings and do not transfer any deadly diseases but they sometimes carry Salmonella bacteria on their skin which is harmful to humans. It is for this reason that the population of Lizards should be curtailed in the houses.

A moist and cluttered basement, cabinet especially the ones under the kitchen sink are a suitable place for a female lizard to lay her eggs. Lizards lay their eggs in batches, each having at least 20 eggs per batch. In a single mating season, a female lizard can lay two to three batches thereby leading to an infestation problem once the eggs hatch.

Lizard Life Cycle


Some Interesting Facts About Lizard

Lizards drop their tail when threatened by a predator but can be regenerated in 1 month. After a lizard sheds its tail, it will return later to see if it is still there and eat it. They shed their skin as they grow and a lizard can have a life span of 10 years. Lizards smell by tasting the air around them and this is the reason for their sticking out their tongue. Lizards live everywhere except in Antarctica. There are more than 5,600 different species of lizards in the world and they have existed for more than 200 million years.

If you notice Lizard staining and too many lizards in your house or surroundings, it is time to call the team from RPA pest control services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I clean my house regularly then why are lizards still present in my house?

Some daily use items such as plants, fruits, and water can also attract lizards into the house. If you have a garden, there are high chances that lizards are present there. Flying and crawling insects are favorite things of lizards to eat. So, their presence in the house also attracts lizards.

Do I need to leave my home during the treatment?

No, it is usually not required to vacant the house during treatment but it can depend on the level of infestation. One should also refrain from entering the house during treatment if he/she is allergic to chemicals.