Porous Pipe Anti Termite Treatment

A good Termite pest control service provider shall lay a network of pipelines  in the under construction building so as to pump the pesticides periodically in the buildings plinth area post construction. Through this technique the pesticide is regularly and uniformly sprayed in the entire area.

Many architects and builders now engage good  Termite control service providers to ensure that the buildings so constructed through them are not only iconic but also that their clients remain happy and satisfied without the botheration of termite infestation.

Anti Termite Treatment by Porous Pipes

RPA Pest Control specializes in Termite Prevention and Controlling Service at pre-construction stage.

RPA Pest Control uses  the new technology in the Anti Termite Treatment by installation of  Porous Pipes. This is the latest technology and unique method which is used in pre construction Anti Termite Treatment. These Porous Pipes can be used in residential bungalows & Flats, Commercial offices, factories & Plants and during landscaping.

Benefits of the by Porous Pipes:

anti termite

  1. Laying these pipes  under the flooring during the pre construction of the building and on the border of the house helps protect your property.
  2. NO DRILLING of the floors. No stains discoloration or marks on the expensive  flooring. 
  3. Porous Pipes are  very flexible and do not break under any condition ,so once laid in your building they last very long as they are made up of Rubber.
  4. Porous Pipe has  membrane through which we can induce & release the ant termite chemical uniformly and it gets  discharged throughout the soil.
  5. Installation and operation process is easy.
  6. Anti Termite Treatment by Porous Pipes provides better protection and it’s cost benefits ratio is much more economical than a drill or fill method.
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