How to Identify Termite in Your Home, Office and Shop

When guests pay us a visit we get to know in advance and we also welcome them with open arms and extend our whole hearted hospitality But do we know in advance about the uninvited guests who not only come into our houses, offices etc. without informing us but also destroy and damage our precious belongings .

These are pests, who take a stroll into premises and lodge themselves in our premises comprising of houses, offices etc. as though they are owners and the human being residing in the property are trespassers.

It takes a life time investment to build but a few days to bring down .How to know if you are host to uninvited guests like Termite.

Knowing the following signs of presence of Termite in your house or office is an art which can be mastered by you Free of cost.


1. Discarded Wings and Gathering of Termite

You must have noticed flying insects in the late evenings swarming your house especially immediately after rains near the light and then the next morning many wings on the floor. Well these are the wings of Termites. Termites when they swarm together they lose their wings and make an entry into your house. Very smart of them to tell you that we are your hosts now so is ALERT.

2. Pipe Like Structures of Mud

It is very important to know where the termites live and where do they get their food from. Termites live underground but have to come out of the ground, on the surface for food to your house as your house has wooden doors and windows and lot of wooden furniture. Wood is the favorite meal of Termite. To travel to your house above the ground surface they require certain temperature and hence they build mud tunnels to ensure that the required temperature is maintained to survive, keep them cool and dry while traveling. You will observe such tunnel like mud pipes outside your house or office touching the ground or at the doors and windows.

3. Hollow Sound of Wooden Structures

Wood being the favorite meal of Termites which is in abundance in your home or office is devoured upon by termite without your knowledge. Termite eats it from within leaving the cover of the structure to make a hollow sound when knocked up instead of a solid sound. This difference in the sound is a clear indication that Termite is present in your house or office and you really need to call a Pest Control Service provider to resolve the issue before gets too late.

Keeping the above points in mind, one can save the damage control to the property and health of near and dear ones by calling RPA Pest Control.